Please answer the following questions below as detailed as possible:

1.  What room would you like to work on?

2.  Who uses this room?

3.  Describe all the elements you'd like me to work on:  Flooring, Walls, Lighting, Furniture, Window Treatments, Accessories & Artwork, Plumbing Fixtures, Built Ins, Etc.

4.  What is your budget?

5.  Do you have a certain style in mind for this room?  (i.e. Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic, Farmhouse)

6.  Describe the type of furniture in the room that you'd like to keep.  Include photos if possible.

7.  What are the measurements of the room?  Include windows, doors, ceiling height.  Include photo or sketch if possible.

8.  Do you have a Pinterest board created for the room?  This will give me an idea of your likes / styles / specific artwork or furniture.

9. Are there any specific requests or needs for the room you'd like to describe? 

Please email us pictures of the room from every angle so we can get an idea of the layout. Thank you!! We look forward to helping you create your dream space!

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